Annexation Information

Kootenai County Fire & Rescue

How do I know if my property is within a Fire District’s boundaries?

Kootenai County Fire & Rescue provides fire protection to many areas of the County but not the entire County. Generally, we cover the cities of Post Falls, Dalton Gardens, Fernan Village, and State Line Village, and surrounding areas. Northern Lakes Fire Protection District covers the Cities of Hayden, Hayden Lake, and Rathdrum and surrounding areas. Timberlake Fire Protection District covers the Cities of Athol and Bayview and surrounding areas.

The easiest way to determine if you are in a Fire Protection District is to look at your County tax assessment. If you do not have your assessment, you may search for your property on the County’s website [click here].

How do I get my property Annexed into the Fire District?

This is a question asked more and more these days so below is a guide to assist you through the process. All annexations must be in accordance with Title 13, Chapter 14, of the Idaho Code and specifically Section 31-1411.

Annexation is a multi step process. The applicant must first determine if the proposed property is eligible for annexation. If the property is eligible for annexation, the applicant must fill out the “Proposal for Annexation” form and have it brought before the KCFR Board of Commissioners. There are no fees for filing a proposal for annexation. If the proposal is approved by the Board of Commissioners, the next step is to file a “Petition for Annexation”. All required annexation fees and documentation must be submitted at this time.

The petition for annexation is then advertised for public hearing and brought before the Board of Commissioners for approval. Annexations are legal actions and subject to open meeting laws and a public hearing process. Once approved by the Board, the property is considered protected. However, the annexation agreement must also be approved by both the Kootenai County Commissioners and the State of Idaho.

Once the property has been annexed, year-round access via a (4) four seasons roadway shall be in place and maintained. The property must remain accessible to the fire district and our emergency response equipment at all times of the year. If the property is gated, a Knox Box and key must be provided by the property owner.

Are you a candidate for Annexation?

To be annexed into the Fire District your property must meet criteria defined by the state Attorney General’s Office. Your property must meet one of the following:

  1. Proposed property to be annexed is at least 40 acres in size, or
  2. Proposed property is contiguous to an existing Kootenai County Fire & Rescue district boundary, or
  3. Property owners with less than 40 acres may join with other contiguous property owners to create a group annexation that meets the 40 acre minimum. For example, if you have 20 acres and your neighbor has 20 acres; you may combine your annexation to meet the minimum 40 acre criteria. In theory, 8 parcels of 5 acres each may combine to create a valid 40 acre annexation.

Can my annexation proposal be denied?

The KCFR Board of Commissioners may deny a proposal for annexation if the listed criteria is not met. If the Board feels the property cannot be protected due to access or distance from KCFR, or if the annexation of the property would cause an undue burden and the tax payers of the district.

What documentation is required for annexation?

All applicable forms can be found on this web site.

Step 1 – Proposal for Fire Protection Services (form)

This form is the starting point in the annexation process. It has basic information and is presented to the KCFR Board of Commissioners for approval. It is meant to save time and money and ensure that the above criteria have been met.

Step 2 –  Petition for Annexation into Kootenai County Fire & Rescue (form)

This is the legal request for annexation. It must be notarized and signed by the commission once approved. This form must be accompanied by the following required information and documentation:

  • A current Kootenai County Assessment for the property being annexed
  • A map of the property
  • Payment of all required fees
  • A legal property description
  • The physical address of the property
  • The mailing address for the property owners.

Any questions regarding annexations may be directed to our Headquarters Office at Kootenai County Fire & Rescue Phone: (208) 777-8500 E-mail: