Burn Permits

Kootenai County Fire & Rescue
Permit InstructionsFire Danger Level

Current Fire Danger Level

10.11.2023 Fire danger is LOW.  All restrictions have been lifted except Crop Residue, Pasture, and CRP burning. burnpermits.idaho.gov

Please keep fires attended at all times and ensure they are cold to the touch before leaving.

If you should have any questions, please call our office M-F at 208-777-8500.

Fire Restriction Hotline:

Burn Permit Instructions

How to Apply for a Burn Permit Through Idaho Dept. of Lands

  1. Go to the Idaho Dept. of Lands (IDL) website at burnpermits.idaho.gov.
  2. Click on “New Permit”.
  3. Enter your address, click “Find”.
  4. If the correct location shows up on the map, click “Place Burn Site Here”.
  5. Fill in the information; click “Save Burn Site”.
  6. If the information is correct, click “Next”.
  7. Select Burn Type and then click “Next”.
  8. Fill out required information. Here you can click on “Create a New Account” if you would like to save your contact information and burn permit history for renewal purposes. When done, click “Submit Permit”.
  9. Click on “HTML” or “PDF” to view permit.
  10. Print permit (Permit must be onsite during burning).
  11. If you are burning slash, please notify the KCFR Admin Office at 208-777-8500 to let us know the location of the burn, how many piles you will be lighting, when, and a contact name and phone number.
Burn Barrel Permits

Burn Barrel Permits

All burn barrels must be in good condition, off the ground 3-4 inches on non-combustible blocks, a minimum of four 1” vent holes along the bottom sides of the barrel, and have a screen on top with ½ inch max.

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Annexation Information

Annexation is a multi step process. The applicant must first determine if the proposed property is eligible for annexation. If the property is eligible for annexation, the applicant must fill out the “Proposal for Annexation” form and have it brought before the KCFR Board of Commissioners.

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