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Fire Safety

The fire service has come to recognize that there are very few true accidents in life. The word “accident” implies that a fire, injury, or injury related death “occurred by chance.” The reality is that most of these events are avoidable and preventable. We work closely with the schools to provide education that will last a lifetime.

Some of the educational programs we offer include:

  • Learn Not to Burn
  • Youth Firesetter Intervention
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Fire Safety for the Home and Business

Learn Not to Burn for Preschoolers

Children under the age of five years are more likely to die in the home from fire than any other cause. Most of these fire related deaths occur because of children playing with fire. The Learn Not to Burn program teaches basic fire safety skills that can be easily understood by this age group.


Fire Safety for Home and Business

Portable fire extinguisher training, fire safety in the workplace and emergency evacuation planning is provided upon request.

Youth Firesetter Intervention

Playing with fire is a deadly game that should never be dismissed as “boys will be boys” or “just a phase.” All episodes of using fire inappropriately by a child must be taken seriously. Our educational intervention program identifies the firesetting behavior, educates the youth appropriately, and referral as needed. Early detection and treatment are essential to prevent normal childhood curiosity from turning into a disaster.

Fire Prevention Week

Each year, during the month of October, we go into every elementary school in our District to teach fire safety lessons which can then be taken home to make families safer from injury or death from fires.

This year’s focus is educating students and their families of the two most common smoke detector technologies for the home:

IONIZATION: Most common detector for many years. It is most sensitive to high heat fires.

PHOTOELECTRIC: Uses a light to detect smoke and can provide an early warning of smoldering fires such as those caused from cigarettes in furniture, which continues to be the number one cause of home fire deaths in the United States. Consumers can now buy detectors with both technologies used and is the preferred type at this time.